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To give your company’s internal and external communication a shot in the arm, consult Tulsa TeleSolution about what a world-class telephone system can do for your business.

Looking for superior communication around the office and beyond? Let the connection gurus at Tulsa TeleSolutions find a phone system to accommodate your business with an array of phone brands and capabilities. Offering a Panasonic phone system for every business need, communication with anyone around the office or with clients is as easy at pushing a button. To accompany such systems are Panasonic phones with ease of use and superior clarity. In addition to Panasonic, Tulsa TeleSolutions is also proud to provide the area with Nortel phones and Nortel phone systems. With a Nortel IP phone, the speed and reliability of the internet is combined with Nortel PBX systems and Nortel phone programming; making communicating with clients and colleagues a snap. Last but certainly not least is our selection of NEC phones running on the famous NEC phone systems. Meet with one of our telephone system professionals to find out what a first-class phone system can do for your business.

Let us handle all your phone repair needs to get you back up and running.

Here at Tulsa TeleSolutions, we understand things happen and equipment can be in need of repair. In order to keep your business telephone system operating smoothly, it is our pleasure to bring superior telephone repair service to Tulsa and the surrounding area businesses. Let the phone repair professionals from Tulsa TeleSolutions handle any and all phone repairs to ensure that your business operations need not be put on hold.

What good is a phone that won’t connect? Tulsa TeleSolutions professionals are dedicated to telephone system repair that goes above and beyond.

Having telephone connectivity issues? Our technicians are experienced in telephone system repair as well as phone programming. There is no reason for your business to suffer because an issue with your telephone system. The experts at Tulsa TeleSolutions are dedicated to solving your phone system dilemmas and restoring that vital line of communication between employees as well as customers.  From handling all your phone repair needs to providing telephone system repair, Tulsa TeleSolutions is dedicated to your dialing pleasure.