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Office phone systems put communication with colleagues at your fingertips.

Communication is the oil that keeps the engine of business running smoothly. Though we live in society of text and email messages, the telephone is far from being deemed an obsolete tool of yesterday.  Whether one needs to make an important call to client, quick access to voicemail, or to shoot a quick idea to a colleague next door, a reliable telephone system for office operations is essential. From a large to small business phone system, let the professionals at Tulsa TeleSolutions assist your business with office phone systems and equipment to ensure your businesses’ lines are open amongst colleagues and customers alike.

With the reliability of an IP connection and the ease of a PBX phone system, keeping everyone within earshot has never been easier.

The meshing of internet and telephone functions only spells communication innovation and at Tulsa TeleSolutions, one need look no further for the right IP phone system for their business.  Reliable and cost-cutting, an investment in a VoIP phone system lets businesses utilize the reliability of an internet connection for making calls. Specializing in small business phone systems while still being capable of handling larger capacities, PBX phone systems enable employees to articulate information quickly at the push of a button as well as transfer important calls with ease. Combining the reliability of IP phone systems with the ease of a PBX phone system means a steady flow of communication amongst colleagues and clients to add a boost to business productivity.

A friend to small business, Tulsa TeleSolutions offers a variety of affordable used phone systems to keep your colleagues and clients connected for less.

In a small business, when every individual voice is that much more essential to creative projects and business endeavors, Tulsa TeleSolutions is proud to supply the tools necessary collaboration and success. To foster communication in the work place, TTS specializes in phone systems for small businesses. And because we realize that your small business is on a budget and that a phone is considered “used” from the time it’s answered, we also offer a used business phone system for every budget.  Using a IP phone systems with a used office phone system, using an internet connection in combination with a used telephone equals tremendous savings on superior quality tools for communication in your office. Experience the ease of communication with anyone in the office at the push of a button with a superior office phone system from Tulsa TeleSolutions.